Is Your Lifestyle Making You Sick?

How do you heal?

Our culture has a very strange idea about how we heal. Most of us are taught to put a “band-aid” on everything and treat the symptoms rather that treating the actual causes of the “disease”. We are so quick to prescribe drugs, dramatic diets, cosmetic surgery or often times even worse, we ignore the disease altogether.

Studies after studies show that a huge portion of disease and illness are caused by our thoughts and actions. Said simply, our disease is most often caused by our lifestyle.

Is your lifestyle making you sick?

For example, obesity, ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease are clear examples of how thinking and acting have an obvious effect on our bodies.

While there are many doctors who believe that “modern medicine” is the answer to everything, more and more doctors are convinced that changing our lifestyle is the better choice to help promote the healing process.

Medicating a person who has ulcers will only treat the symptoms, the underlying causes of the sickness remains left untreated. Treating the clogged arteries of an obese person who continues to eat the foods that caused the clogged arteries to develop is a temporary remedy, but in the long run the causes of the problem are still firmly in place.

Are all diseases the result of thinking and acting, certainly not, however if we want to heal and free ourselves of “dis-ease” whether it’s emotional, physical, or spiritual we need to make long lasting change in our lifestyle rather than applying a convenient yet temporary “band aid”.

Learn how to love, accept, and treat your body well and you can learn how to help your body to heal.

Today is a good day to explore the root causes of our “diseases” and make integrated healthy change in our lifestyle.