Rocks in Your Pillow?

As crazy as it sounds, there are many people who are more comfortable ending each day by laying their heads on  pillows of rocks than pillows of feathers.

I’m sure you know people who actually seem to invite and find pleasure in pain, people who seem to hold on to anger and resentment because  it makes them feels safe, justified and worthy of sympathy because  they have beem “forced” to bare such a heavy misfortune. They can allow themselves to feel like a martyr, because after all, their bad feelings are someone else’s fault. It’s much easier for some people to be victims, or to allow themselves to feel like victims, rather than take responsibility for their feelings and for relieving the pain by offering forgiveness to those people who did them wrong.

I decide which pillow I use at night.  I decide if I lay my head down on something comfortable and peaceful or a bed of unforgiving rocks. I can decide whether I forgive someone or hold on to a hurt.

Life isn’t about purposefully holding on to pain and feeling sorry for ourselves.  Life is about learning, growing, changing and developing ourselves as loving, compassionate, kind and forgiving people.

For me, forgiveness is a relief. Forgiveness relieves me of the burden of resentment.  Forgiveness allows me to live my life fully today. Today is a beautiful gift and I want to accept it with grace and gratitude.

While you experience a mindful pause, consider who you can forgive today. Life is too precious to waste carrying the heavy weight of anger.