That’s Tempting

How will you face temptation  today?  Temptation is always lurking. The temptation to eat, drink, buy, say or do what feels good now without a  thought of the consequences for later.

For me, there is temptation in taking advantage of a situation when I think nobody is looking. For me, temptation is “doing the next easy thing”. For me, temptation is always lurking. Temptation is a challenge.

Temptation is like a drug.

I often fall pray to temptation because I am searching for immediate gratification from some sort of pain. “Pain” includes such feelings as as sadness, boredom, frustration, resentment, regret, jealousy and a sense of lacking or discontent.

If I allow myself to get too close to the object of my desire, like a bakery, an electronics store or a television it is more likely I will fall pray to it’s temptation. And yes, like a drug, I will feel better for a time, but soon that feeling will be replaced by the same pain I was experiencing before and usually it’s magnified. I have simply avoided the problem rather than addressing it honestly and searching for a solution.

Do you use a built excuse for falling pray to temptation? Sometimes I use my “imperfection” as an excuse. I say, I’m human. I make mistakes. I have weaaknesses.” The problem with this attituse is that is simply another temptation to do the next easy thing. In this way I try to manipulate my spirituality and become dishonest. I think I’ve found a loophole in the process to invite temptation.  It doesn’t work.

Practise addressing “the pain” and resisting temptation. Practice makes progress.  Progress is good.

Employ a mindful PAUSE when temptation lurks. “It only takes a minute”