Peaceful Pain

Peaceful Pain, is it possible?

In the flow of life, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Can we be in pain and still be peaceful. I believe there can be peace in pain if we accept the situation with a our best effort and a positive attitude.

To me, peacefulness is found in living life fully, living life as it is, not as I want it to be. To me, peacefulness means not trying to impose my will on life. Living life fully means to embrace each experience, both the good and the bad, to accept what life presents me, the exciting times, the challenging times, the boring times and the uncomfortable times. For me there is peace in accepting what life presents by simply offering my best effort with the skills and tools I have today.

For me, my ability to bare boredom is a tremendous challenge. To be OK with “down time”. To be OK with “quiet time”. To be OK with silence. I have always been very active. I’m a doer and a thinker. For me it is quite a challenge to slow down because it is then that my mind often drifts into a dangerous place. It is then that I fall into my past dysfunctional patterns, like anxiety, fear, disappointment, resentment; behavior that leads to discontent.

I am getting better because I have been practicing. I am far from perfect but practice makes progress. I am learning to be more comfortable being uncomfortable. Slowing down is a behavior I am trying to make intuitive.

How about you? What is your greatest challenge that prevents you from experiencing peacefulness?