Less is More

Less is more. Simplify.

Fear less, hope more.  Eat less, chew more.  Whine less, breathe more.  Talk less, say more.  Simplify.

Hate less, love more.  Hear less, listen more.  Judge less, accept more.  Expect less, enjoy more.  Simplify.

Should less, wonder more. Instruct less, teach more.  Shove less, hug more.  Time travel less, now more.  Gossip less, compliment more.  Simplify.

Resent less, forgive more. Watch less, participate more.  Justify less, apologize more.   Struggle less, peace more.  Simplify.

Frown less, smile more.  Wander less, explore more.  Keep less, share more.   Me less, we more.  Simplify.

What can YOU do to simplify today?

When we complicate less and simplify more we embrace HappyNow…

Enjoy a simple pause now.