Quiet your mind

Have you tried to incorporate the “PAUSE” in your life?

As you take a few minutes each day to “PAUSE”, you will discover the joy of a “Quiet Mind”. A quiet mind is a spiritual place where the “ordinary” in life becomes extraordinary. A place where so many of the previously unnoticed little things magically appear beautiful and more important. These ordinary things were always there, but your mind was too cluttered to notice.

When I live in “mind clutter” I interpret the world as hostile and stressful, but when I incorporate PAUSE and mindfulness into my everyday I find that my everyday is more peaceful and happier. When I PAUSE, it clears my mind and I am better able to accept the flow of the day as it’s presented. The world won’t change, but my perception of it will. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with life, I find myself enjoying what’s right with life. How we interpret reality dictates our experience.

I suggest trying to slow down, relaxing, and breathing. PAUSE. Invite into your journey a quiet mind and you’ll discover so many positive and peaceful thoughts. Make it simple, try to PAUSE for 1 minute a few times a day.

It truly is up to you, and how you choose to see the world and the wonderful gifts that are waiting for you to open. Quiet your mind with PERSONAL PAUSE NOW, it only takes a minute but, the benefits are long lasting.

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