What’s For Breakfast

If you were making a “Happy Meal” what ingredients would you use?

My recipe for a Happy Meal:

1. I start with simple tastes.

2. I add a little courage,

3. a touch of patience,

4. a scoop of acceptance,

5. a dab of clear conscience,

6. mix in some generosity,

7. add some fresh gratitude,

8. just a hint of self denial,

9. and I top it off with my secret ingredient.

For me, my recipe begins with Simple Tastes. I think we live in a culture that is too often dissatisfied with what we HAVE and leads us to always want more and more.

We have to be courageous if we are to allow ourselves enjoy our simple tastes and not worry that others may interpret it as lack of ambition.

We need acceptance of the flow of life and express gratitude for what is presented to us. I believe that if we offer our best effort with the skills and tools we have now we can be at peace with the results and our consciences can be clear. If our beliefs, words and actions are congruent we will better be able make difficult decisions when our character is challenged. A clear conscience is an ingredient we can’t ignore.

Finally, Self-denial and patience are also important, because if we don’t practice them we risk becoming self-indulgent, and then nothing will satisfy us.  Self-denial also frees up resources that we can use for other people in our lives, generosity.

Tomorrow I will reveal my “secret ingredient” in my recipe for my Happy Meal.

Experience a mindful pause now.