My Secret Ingredient is Revealed

Yesterday I offered my recipe for my Happy Meal:

1. I start with simple tastes,

2. add a little courage,

3. a touch of patience,

4. a scoop of acceptance,

5. a dab of clear conscience,

6. mix in some generosity,

7. some fresh gratitude,

8. a hint of self denial.

9. and finally I add my secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient is….

For me, my recipe begins with “Simple Tastes”. I think we live in a culture that is too often dissatisfied with what we HAVE and leads us to always want more and more. But for me, it’s the final ingredient, the “secret ingredient” that brings the entire meal together and makes my life full and vibrant. It turns a life of surviving into one of thriving and flourishing

That secret ingredient to my “Happy Meal” is not a secret at all, it is PASSION. Passion is something we love to do, not something we have to do. The moment we find passion, everything changes, everything!

Passion enters our lives on a large scale when we find it in another person, a career, a hobby, a message ……  Passion enters our life on a smaller scale when we find it in a book, a song, a flower, a sunrise….

About what are you passionate? Find a way to incorporate you passion into your life on a regular basis. Everyday? Maybe, maybe not, but if you make your passion a priority in your life everything else will be more colorful, taste better, sound more beautiful, smell sweeter and feel wonderful.

Push the PAUSE button now.