How Do You Wake Up?

How do you wake up?

If the first thing you do every morning is grab a cup of coffee and turn on the TV news, what kind of morning will you have? It’s likely you’ll wake up to words like “murder, terrorism, fire, scam, fear” and other media ploys to grab and keep your attention. If you hear those types of words and stories first thing each morning, what state of mind will you begin each day? It is very likely you’ll begin the day with a pessimistic interpretation of the world and then spread that attitude to those unsuspecting people who wander into your life.

But what if the first thing you do every morning is turn on some soft relaxing music, ease into the day with a few peaceful thoughts from an inspiring reading and take a minute to be grateful for the miracle of another day of life. It’s likely you’ll start each day with a peaceful state of mind. It then stands to reason that if you do so, you’ll be more likely and more able to spread THAT positive attitude to those people who wander into your life.

Some people may say, “Are you kidding? My mornings are crazy. I get up at 6am. I jump out of bed. I have kids to wake up, breakfast to make, I workout, do the laundry, take out the garbage, commute to work by 7:45….. I’m lucky if I have 5 minutes to myself.”

There is a solution if you choose to make it a priority. WAKE UP 15 MINUTES EARLIER! 15 minutes will not effect your need to sleep, however it will give you the opportunity to start your day with an attitude that may have a major impact on how you live your day.

I have a suggestion. Start each morning by visiting this sight, “personal”, and “ease” into each morning before the “chaos” begins. ¬†There is an inspiring new quote from renown thinkers each morning, my a daily positive thought about improving the quality of your life, and a opportunity to PAUSE for one minute and be grateful. Make this your morning routine and you’ll find your that your day starts more peacefully. It is a choice you make every morning.