If I think about my life as a whole, it becomes overwhelming. If I think about what I need to do today things become much simpler. If I think about trying to be kind or generous or healthy for the rest of my life, its often too abstract. But of I think about how I can be kind, generous or healthy today, I can think of very specific ways that I can accomplish that goal.

What will you do with Today? Is it manageable? If you take in to account who you ARE, and who you ARE NOT; what you CAN do and what you CAN’T; today will be day you’ll be proud of tomorrow.

Take time now to think of very specific things that you want to do with this day that you may not typically do. You can compliment someone you rarely compliment, you can encourage someone you normally don’t encourage. You can call someone you rarely call. You can watch a good documentary on TV or read a positive article in the newspaper or online. You can invite a friend to join you for vigorous walk or SPIN class at Maxfit. Today you have many choices of things you can do to make today a good day.

We do not remember years or months or days, we remember moments during those times. Our days are full of lots and lots of moments that are just waiting to be lived in ways that are fulfilling and wonderful.

What will you do with your moments today?