How’s it Going?

I called a friend of mine yesterday and asked a simple question, “how’s it going”?

His answer was not so simple. He said, “I’m at the beach with a friend. I love the beach, especially on the weekdays.  It’s the first time I’v’e been here all summer.  The weather is amazing, the water is so calm I can swim and I’m finally reading that book you suggested.”  I said, “Wow, your must be having a great day, right?”. This was his response. “Well yes but, I keep thinking about my buddy who couldn’t get off work because his boss is a jerk. He needs a break from stress more than I do. My buddy hates his job. I wish he would just quit and find another one.  Yeah AND I think I see a rain cloud over there. What time is it?’

Can you actually enjoy the good days?.

Some people actually feel guilty when they are having a “good day” if other people around them are unhappy. It’s almost as if we don’t deserve to feel good if other people are miserable. This is simply not true. We can choose not to join other people in the doldrums.

Enjoying our good days doesn’t mean we’re being disloyal to loved ones who are having problems. We don’t have to make ourselves feel guilty because other people aren’t having a good day. We don’t have to make ourselves miserable to be like them. They can have their day and their feelings and we can have our day and our feelings.

A good day does not have to be the “calm before the storm.” A good day or a good feeling doesn’t mean we’re in denial. We don’t have to wreck our good times by obsessively searching for or creating a problem.

Enjoy a PAUSE.