I love to climb mountains.

When we stand and look at a mountain, it looks awesome, majestic, and perhaps intimidating. To climb the mountain we need to select a route. Which approach will give us the best chance to reach the top? Which will provide a beautiful view? Is there risk? Which route is the safest? What are the rewards and trade offs among all the available paths?

Often in life we cannot choose the mountains that face us, but more often than not we do have the freedom to choose which approach to take.

One path up the mountain may be the “negative attitude route”. This path may feel safe because it is narrow and protected. It is predictable. There is little to no risk. However, the negative path keeps us isolated from other people and more often than not we don’t reach the top of the mountain or if we do, it’s without ever enjoying the journey.

A second path may be the “self-indulgent path”, filled with so many distracting pleasures that we never really make any progress in any direction. We never actually climb the mountain.

Finally, a third path may be “positive thinking path”, an adventurous path, a path of acceptance to what the journey offers us. For many of us, this path may be the hardest to travel and may include some risks, but more often than not it allows us more fully experience the journey and appreciate it’s beauty along the way.

If we summon the courage and strength to choose a positive attitude as our “path” to climb the mountain, we are more likely to enjoy the journey, one day at a time.