Giving and Taking

Are you a good giver? Are you a good taker? Give and take are opposite sides of the same coin. Without one, there can’t be the other. Generosity is a cycle. Are you a good giver and good taker?

Love, kindness, compassion, and a simple smile are things that when given away, you end up having more, but what if nobody accepts your gift? Then what?

Many of us believe ourselves to be generous.  We enjoy giving, but what about the other side of giving. Are we gracious “takers”. Many of us were brought up to believe that it’s not okay to take, so we may dismiss what is offered to us either as either not necessary or something in which we are not worthy to receive.

For example, a friend compliments you by saying, “Wow, you look great. That’s a perfect color on you. I love the way you dress.” Instead of saying “thank you”, you respond by saying, “This? This is just something I threw on this morning. It nothing special. I got it on sale last week.”

A response like that to a compliment, takes away the joy of giving the compliment from the person who simply admired the way you looked.

“Giving” needs “taking” to complete the cycle. We can keep the cycle of generosity going by “taking” gracefully. A world with only givers and no takers would be unbalanced.

When someone gives us the gift of love, kindness, compassion, a smile or a simple compliment we can show real gratitude with a genuine heartfelt “thank you”.

Try to accept what’s given to you today in the spirit it’s offered? Practice both ends of the “Give and Take” cycle. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.