Wonder and Humility

I love to wonder, it reminds me to keep a sense of “right sizing” myself. If I approach life with wonder and humility I feel spiritually healthier.

Wonder and humility are two of the most healthy character traits that any of us could hope to have. These two traits can help us to turn normal days to into truly special events. Wonder and humility make each day an opportunity to explore, experiment and cooperate with all those who share our journey.

The planet Earth is a home we all share. The planet Earth can also can help us to develop and maintain a very healthy perspective about our selves and our lives. This great planet on which we live is truly a place filled with wonder and it definitely invites humility.

Many times we take our planet for granted. Many of us abuse our home’s natural resources by wasting or polluting, however Earth holds no resentment, instead it continues to share it’s resources with us, supplying us with much more than what we could ever need to survive. Our planet supplies us with ample beauty to inspire and motivate us to flourish every day.

When we take a moment to pause and consider the age, size and landscape of this amazing planet and all it’s natural wonders, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of individual and “shared” humility. This humility can be an important gift when we deal with our fellow human beings. A humble person will not put on airs or look down in judgement of another person, because a humble person recognizes that we are all of the same “family” facing similar trials and obstacles in our lives. We work best through cooperation.

Humility is the ability to “right size” ourself with respect to all that surrounds us.

Take a moment today and step out doors.  Pause. Look into a starlit sky, gaze across a serene lake, notice a tree in full bloom, smell a fresh flower or watch a graceful bird soar. Take a deep breath. On your next exhale, embrace a sense of wonder and humility. Think of your family, your friends and the people you have already met on today’s journey. Nothing extraordinary happened today, or did it? It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy it.