The Wrong Path

Oops, wrong turn, now what?

Once you realize you have selected the wrong path, it takes strength and courage to stop, admit your mistake, turn around and pick another route.

Regardless of our honorable intentions, we all choose wrong paths or roads on occasion. However, what helps to determine our character and the quality of our lives is not necessarily the road we choose, but instead what we decide to do once we find out that we’re on a wrong road. It’s in those moments of correction and change that we see our lives being formed, refined, and improved.

There are many times in our lives when things just aren’t working the way we intended, it is at those times, that it is important we make decisions that keep us on the road to self improvement. Mistakes are inevitable. Repeating them is optional. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

Remember to push the “pause button” in moments of mindful decision making. It’s amazing how many of our decisions would be different if we had simply paused before reacting.

“It only takes a minute.”