Obstacle Course

When I was a kid I loved to run.

As a kid I loved to run over, under and around things. I loved to climb, to fall and to get up. I loved to run fast, jump and roll. I ran on grass, mountains and beaches. I loved obstacle courses. I loved to get dirty.

When we were kids an obstacle course was always a fun challenge we did alone or with friends. For me, the greater the challenge, more the fun. What happened to that youthful exuberance for challenge and getting dirty?

We grew up.

As adults, the obstacles we face in life are not ropes to climb, logs to carry or a muddy mountains to scramble up and down, instead they are things like health, job, money and relationships.. As adults “getting dirty” is not about mud and sweat, but instead about honesty, accountability and responsibility.

As a adults, life is still an obstacle course, but this a course we may not have set up ourselves. Life is full of surprises. Often the flow of life is out of our control. We have a daily choice to face the obstacles now, or hope they will just go away by themselves. It’s my experience that most of life’s obstacles can’t be “wished” or “prayed” away. We must be mindful and willing to offer our best effort as the challenges ¬†present themselves to us.

Once we accept the fact that our journey through life is going to be full of speed bumps, detours and tests, we can start to love those things as the best teachers of real life that we can hope to experience.

I’ve had my share of life’s obstacles, and I know that I’m a better, a stronger, and a wiser person for having accepted life’s challenge than I would have ever become if I somehow avoided them.

Proactively experience life with the curiosity found in youthful exuberance.

Be well.