Do you have a dream?

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”

We’ll never know our true potential if we don’t allow ourselves to dream of destinations that are further along on the path that we currently travel. We’ll never witness the beauty that may come into our lives if we do not allow our dreams to be a guiding force for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

Nurturing our dreams does not mean leaving behind all we have now, it doesn’t require a complete change in our lives, on the contrary, sometimes a dream is simply a focused attention on our progress while we travel on our current path.

I have dreams. You have dreams. Love your dreams. Find passion in your dreams. Allow your dreams to grow, and do what you can to make them come true. I believe dreams are an intuitive sense of hope. I try to allow my dreams to drive my daily intention and my daily actions. Much has changed in my life over the years but because I have always stayed true to my dream, I have enjoyed so many positive changes.

Do you have a dream? What can you do today to get closer to that dream than you were yesterday?