I want…

I want THAT new …….

“The moment you have a desire to possess something, is the exact moment you enter into the first phase of enslavement to it.”…….Anonymous

If we get so caught up in wanting something new that we no longer enjoy the things that are still very positive parts of our lives, then we are actually giving enormous power to that “want”, in fact so much power that we lose out on the enjoyment of the positive things we do have.

For example, I have a great bike. It’s light. It’s comfortable. It’s well built.  I keep it maintained. It looks sharp. It works great.  It has a few scratches.  There is nothing wrong with it.  I love to ride it.  It is 4 years old. It has served me well. Yesterday, I saw the updated version of the same bike.  Lighter. State of the art parts. Sleeker. I WANTED that new bike.  I looked at the price tag.  My mind raced to thoughts of money.  Where can I get the money to pay for it?  All of a sudden my current bike was old, heavy and ugly.  What happened? The thought of a new bike became the “master of my thinking”, I became a slave to the concept of a new bike.  I WANTED it. What I had wasn’t good enough anymore.

We have a lot in life, and it’s important that we appreciate and not take what we have for granted as we desire to have something else.  There will always be something else.  We are only hurting ourselves when dismiss the good things in our lives as not good enough or not the absolute best.

Be grateful for the “good” that is in your life today.

Enjoy a personal pause.