Let’s Be Honest

I think we could all agree, nobody is perfect, we all have faults. Are you able to admit your faults?

Why is it that we are more comfortable around a person who has faults and acknowledges them? I think we respect that person’s honesty. So why do we have such a hard time admitting our own faults? This honesty comes very gradually and only with hard work.

Often times I have to force myself to be honest and admit my faults because admitting a fault can make me fearful that I am losing my sense of self worth. I’m afraid I’ll be vulnerable to social judgement. The fact is that more often than not after we admit a fault we have a positive sense of peacefulness and self-respect. We feel a sense of pride that we are entering the first stage of making change. Self awareness. We may expect to be rejected and judged by friends, but usually friendships grow more solid when we admit our faults.

A true friend does not need to trust that we will always be right, only that we will be honest. Be honest about your faults.

Practice makes progress.

Happy Now…