Can You Walk A Mile?

Of  course you can walk a mile, but try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, that’s a little different.

It’s very easy to be judgmental of other people when we’re not going through the same things they are through in their lives.  If we were to step back and ask ourselves what makes people act the way they do, we might find causes that we never considered before and we may then understand their actions more clearly.

I’ve heard it said,”if we threw everyone’s problems into a huge pile, and we started sifting  through the pile, we would be more than glad to take our own problems back.

Kindness. Understanding. Forgiveness. Empathy.  Compassionate.  Love.

These are qualities that we would love to see in other people. How can we expect to experience these qualities if we don’t feel them ourselves, if we don’t do our best to see the best in other people, if we don’t try to understand what others are going through as they make their ways through life?

We all know what it’s like to be judged. It hurts.  So let’s not do the judging ourselves.  Let us be kind to one another, and let’s try to understand what others are going through in their lives before we criticize them.  If the world is to become a kinder, more forgiving and a less judgmental place, then the change must begin somewhere.  Let it begin with us.

Are YOU with ME ? Challenging actions speak louder than simple words.