Leave a Gift Behind.

I heard this story……

High in the mountains is a small log cabin. The owners of the cabin rarely visit however the cabin is always left open for hikers as a safe haven to rest and refresh themselves. In the cabin there is wood for a fire, food, blankets, two cots, and candles. The cabin is hidden deep in the forest. The cabin is humble. The cabin is a basic shelter from the weather. The cabin welcomes all visitors. The cabin remains unchanged until the next visitor arrives.

Weary hikers have arrived tired, hungry, thirsty and cold only to find just they needed to help them on their way.

The cabin operates on a system of trust – if you use something in the cabin, you replace it with something else. You leave no sign of your visit except a gift to the next visitor. Perhaps what you leave will be just the thing the next traveller needs to continue on their journey. It’s  a beautiful system of trust, sharing and gratitude

We all come across such “cabins” in our life’s journey. If we generously give of ourselves or do a small favor for someone else without expectation or agenda, eventually (sometimes days, weeks or years later) someone will do something for us that will help us on our life’s Journey.

We can do these little deeds without expecting to be rewarded, and we can accept others’ little gifts without feeling forever in someone’s debt. It’s a beautiful design for living.

What gift, what unselfish act of kindness can you store in the cabin today so the next traveller can enjoy on their journey.