The Inconvenient Truth

Many of us have developed coping skills that help us avoid the inconvenient truth. We can rationalize our actions so that we don’t have to face the unpleasant fact that we are powerless over the flow of life. Our creative ability to cope, provides us with excuses and then relief from facing reality.

I believe it is our skill in rationalizing the inconvenient truth that is the greatest of ¬†self betrayal. When we use our brain to cleverly cover the truth of our actions, we often believe our own lies, and then we’re incapable of rectifying them.

Authenticity is the ability to recognize the inconvenient truth. To address our character flaws, to take action to repair them and to create a congruent life, a life where our actions , our thoughts and our beliefs are in harmony.

Live a congruent life today.

Experience a personal pause.