Addiction, “The Unspoken Dis-Ease”.

Addiction is the “Unspoken Dis-ease”. Addiction is an epidemic spreading throughout our country. We see it every day, yet too often we are afraid to admit it and or discuss it, so it continues to reek social havoc.

So many people in this country and in our community suffer from the unspoken dis-eases of food, drink, drug and exercise addiction. Do you suffer from these or any other self sabotaging thinking addiction?

“Food Addiction” is repeated dieting, starving or over eating. “Drink Addiction” is repeated alcohol binging or habitual excessive drinking. “Drug Addiction” is the abuse of narcotics, opiates, sleeping pills and other mind altering drugs. “Exercise Addiction” is the excessive cardio training, weight training, class or sport participation. All these behaviors are thinking addictions that we use to escape the reality of emotions, feelings, fears and stress that are a natural part of the flow of life. Food, drink. drug and exercise are great places to hide from “life”, the only problem is that “life” will find you. Life always finds you no matter where you hide.

Life is truth. Hiding from the truth has long lasting negative consequences.

Addiction is a powerful coping mechanism to avoid life’s day to day challenge, but it is a pain relief behavior that has long lasting quality of life negative consequences. For those people who ignore these addictive behaviors, life gets more and more unmanageable each and everyday. Untreated addiction causes our physical health, our relationships with family and friends and our employment production to suffer. It drains our ability to think clearly.

Do you suffer from addiction? Do you use an addiction to hide from life? Do you have the courage address you addiction? Do you have someone in your life with whom you can be honest about your addictions, someone who can help you find some relief?

Let today be the day you establish an intention to be honest and be willing to talk about the sources of your thinking “dis-ease” with a health care professional, a support group or another person who has made progress in their battle with the same issues from which you suffer.

Let today be the day that you gather up the courage you need to address the emotions that are buried behind food, drink, drug, exercise, or any other addictive behavior. Listen to your inner voice of honesty, it speaks to you in those moments of pause. Your inner voice usually offers suggestions to do what you know to be the right thing, but not necessarily the easy thing.

Hiding from NOW’s truth has long lasting consequences. We must ask for help because we can’t do it alone.
“It only takes a minute.”