Be Good

Each of us has inside our heart a basic sense of goodness and kindness. If we listen to our hearts and act on what we hear, we will give to the world what is needed most, namely goodness and kindness.

It is not complicated but it takes courage. It takes courage to listen to your own goodness and act kindly to all those you meet.

I may never see any of the direct results of the goodness I share today, but my small act of kindness may inspire someone else to share their sense of goodness with others. This is how the “ripple effect” is born.

What I do today may have impact on someone else until he or she is ready to give, and my act may be that small inspiration that the other person follows in order to give of him or herself.

Be courageous. Be good. Do good. Share good. And the world you live in will become a better place for all.

Remember to pause.