Patience is a virtue we can practice daily.

When rushing from one task to the next, we can lose sight of the big picture of our lives. Here are three ways we can begin to slow down and let everything come into peaceful focus.

1. Patience with ourselves.

Time is a gift, so try to give yourself plenty of it. Despite what others tell you, not everything needs to be finished in this exact moment, sometimes simple progress is good enough. Forgive your mistakes easily, and don’t be frustrated by slow progress, just keep moving forward. Progress is good.

2. Patience with others.

Listening to others can teach us a lot about ourselves. When we are jumpy and eager to finish a conversation, it can be a sign that we need to find a bit more relaxation and harmony in our own lives. In this age of texting, twitter and other forms of instant communication in short cryptic notes, giving other people enough time to clearly express themselves is always a significant and welcomed gift.

3. Patience with circumstances.

When we feel stressed, it can be helpful to remember that we are part of a much larger “system of nature”. Our struggles and frustrations in the material world are but the blink of an eye compared to the movement of the seasons, the sun and the stars. It is our nature to dream and to achieve, but in doing so we must not be frustrated by one day’s failure or one week’s obstacles. Like canyons and cliffs and mountains, great things are built over time.

We’ll never have quite enough time to do everything we want in this world. All we can do is make wise use of the time we do have, learn to move at our own speed, and be patient enough to let all good things grow.

Patience is a virtue. Practice it daily. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.