“Every time I close the door on Reality, it comes in through the window”–—Ashleigh Brilliant ………(Check out Asleigh’s last name)

Such a brilliant thought. Honesty is a pillar of spiritual health. There is no spiritual growth without being honest and it begins with ourselves. You cant be honest with others until you are honest with yourself.

We do not define the truth, we accept it, we surrender to it. The truth may not feel good. The truth may even be painful, we can not mold the truth to our desires.

One way to decide which action to take is to think how we’ll honestly feel after we’ve done it. Will we be happy, or will we feel guilty because we know in our hearts it is wrong? On the other hand, how would we feel if we resisted lure of temptation? Perhaps we’d feel great because we’d know in our hearts we’d done the right thing.

What a wonderful tool “feelings” can be in helping us do the right thing. Listen to your heart. Be honest about. your motives. Do the right thing.