Thank God it’s Today,
Let go of expectations and simply experience what life offers you today to your best ability.

Our disappointments and frustrations in life usually come from expectations not being met, and not from the actions or words of others. If I expect my friends or colleagues to act a certain way in a certain situation and they don’t, then I’ve set myself up for negative feelings–my friends and colleagues have done nothing to contribute to them. They are simply being themselves, something they have the right to be.

If we can let life flow as it will and not expect it to flow in ways that we want it to, we can open up a lot of doors to new and exciting feelings that we probably wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

Expectations are simply subtle ways of developing traps in which we catch ourselves. Letting go of expectations takes those traps away and frees us up to enjoy this life we’re living much, much more.

Experience a mindful pause without expectation, simply enjoy it.