One Day At A Time

Do you place your energy in the mystery of future or the reality of today?

I always find myself returning to the philosophy that teaches me to live one day at a time, one hour at a time or simply one moment at a time. Any challenge that stirs my fears, worries or anxieties is better approached if I remain true to this philosophy. It is too daunting to try living my “tomorrows” today. I can’t count on tomorrow. Life is a process to be experienced, not a future to be anticipated. Live in today.

We can’t know tomorrow, but we can be great friends with today. For years I tried to anticipate what life was going to throw at me and I always came away confused, surprised and exhausted. My expectation and worry of the future caused me to miss the joy of the moment.

I used to live with a head full of questions.

What if she says no? What happens if the plane is delayed? What happens if I slip on the ice. Will my father call me this week? Will I be able to ride my bike tomorrow? Will my class be full? What happens if I make a mistake? Am I going to be able to retire? What will happen if……… I had a so many questions that I could not answer, nobody can answer for the future . The future is a mystery.

My attitude these days is to avoid the temptation of living in tomorrow’s fantasy world. Instead, I take responsibility for the reality of my life today, one day at a time. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

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