Be Rich in Poverty

“Bo rich in poverty”.

“Being rich in poverty” seems to be aa oxymoron, two opposite concepts. How can we resolve this dichotomy. How can we be rich in poverty?

Wealth in poverty means finding pleasure in simplicity, finding the core of what’s important, and accepting it as valuable.

We are so often caught up in the pursuit of “more”, more money, more toys, more prestige, more, more, more…..that we forget how satisfying the simple things can be. I find wealth in the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, a walk along the river, gazing in to a starry night, the smell of blooming flowers, the majesty of a mighty mountain, the power of a cascading waterfall, the fun of playing with my dogs, swinging in the park, or in simply experiencing some mindful time without hurry.

What “riches” surround you right now?