Public Enemy Number One

I went into a Post Office last week to mail a package I should have mailed weeks ago. Now I was racing a deadline. I was late also late for Yoga because I had to buy a birthday card. Ugh! .  This was my thought progression. (Warning, be careful, sometimes my thoughts are a little frantic. ) Here we go…

There was a short line of people waiting. UGH, not another line. Why did I wait so long to mail this? I’t takes 23 minutes to drive to Yoga, the class starts in 26 minutes, I can’t be late AGAIN. Why can’t they open up one of the other windows? What could those workers be doing that’s s so important that they can’t open up another window? Isn’t that guy in the back sitting on a chair doing nothing? What’s wrong with that guy? My time is so precious? I’m wasting time.

All those thoughts in a matter of seconds. Then I came to my senses. This was my next thought progression;

Slow down. Pause. Be patient. Don’t judge. Relax. Breath. Smile. I felt better. Patience is a virtue. I want to be virtuous. Ah, I feel better. It is what it is. I’ll wait patiently. I did this to myself.

The Story continues…..

Because the line was near a wall and I saw THAT list of the “10 Most Wanted Criminals”, the greatest threats to our community. There were various rewards for information leading to the capture and conviction of these criminals. Hmmm. That would be pretty cool. Who was number #1? Maybe I could help capture him/her. I would be a hero. There would be a parade in my honor. I’d get a reward. $$$$!

I looked at #1.  That’s a very scary looking guy! Wait. Oh My God! I know that guy! I saw him this morning. I think I also  saw him last week at a store. I couldn’t believe it! “Public Enemy Number One” lives nearby. I know that guy. “Public Enemy Number One” is none other than……… “PROCRASTINATION”. “Procrastination” is a thief. Time is our most precious commodity, it is priceless and “Procrastination” is the greatest time thief in history. Procrastination steals our time. Time can never be replaced.

Procrastination creeps into our minds with insidious disguises like apathy, lethargy, fear, resentment, anxiety, anger, envy and complacency. All these are feelings by which we justify delaying and honestly addressing any given problem, bad habit, task or challenge. Instead of an addressing an issue now when it presents itself, we wait, and wait and wait until the problem gets to be an emergency. Procrastination is a heavy spiritual burden. It prevents us from living life fully, from enjoying now. We can’t enjoy now, if have to carry procrastination on our backs. Stop carry the weight of procrastination on your back.

There is a fine line between patience and procrastination. Recognize the line. Don’t cross it.

Help remove “Procrastination” from our streets. Claim your reward for the capture and conviction of this public enemy. Your reward is a clear mind and spiritual weightlessness. Your reward is to be happy now! Make it a great day!