Sharing Flowers

I read this “Spiritual Snack” yesterday and it made me think.

“Don’t wait until people are dead to give them flowers.”

My first thought was, UGH, that’s a little morbid. I’ve learned to pause before I react.  PAUSE………  My second thought was, WOW, that’s such a simple sentence but it’s filled with enormous wisdom. That’s right. Wisdom.

Often times in my life I think it would be nice to “give flowers” to someone, but I don’t act on my thought and the thought passes. Maybe the time wasn’t convenient. “Oh, some other time, maybe tomorrow.” It’s an easy excuse.  Some other time? Tomorrow?

The time is rarely “just right”, and if I don’t give “flowers” now, I may lose the chance waiting for tomorrow to arrive.

So often we think to give flowers, a card,  a helping hand, a phone call, a compliment, or a simple smile but we just don’t act. If we practice “giving” regularly, if we are able to give to people today when we experience a moment of compassion we contribute a lot of goodwill to the world.

When other people receive from us, they feel our positive intentions, our love and our compassion. If we choose not the share, those feelings fad away.

I  love flowers.  A gift of flowers would brighten my day and make me feel wonderful.  And when I feel that way, I am more likely to pass that feeling on to other people I meet on my  journey that day.

Please don’t wait until someone is gone to tell them you care.  Please don’t wait until you’re moving away to let someone know how you feel about them.  Please don’t wait for the special moment to send them flowers. Be the catalyst for a spiritual chain reaction

If you choose to act on your compassionate feelings today, your life will be filled with joy today.

With whom will you share flowers today?