The Committee

The meeting….

Imagine 15-20 men and women sitting around a big table in a conference room. The CEO of the company walks into the room and calls the meeting to order. The CEO presents the factual status of the company’s “Well Being”. He or She asks, “How should we proceed”? Then he or she opens the floor for discussion.

Instead of an organized productive discussion, chaos breaks out. Everyone simultaneously expresses their opinion about the Company’s past, and how to act right now with regard to shaping the future. Some yell at the CEO, others speak in a whisper and some remain quite. The CEO is confused, frustrated, anxious and soon becomes angry. The CEO simply follows the demands of the loudest voice. Why? Because it is the easiest thing to do. When the meeting is over the CEO leaves with a plan. Is it a good plan? Probably not.

I used to hold meetings like these all the time. Only it wasn’t in a conference room, it was between my ears and there weren’t 15-20 people simultaneously expressing their opinion about the well being of a business, it was lots of little voices in my mind interpreting the flow of life and demanding influence in making the decision about my next action. Often times I listened to the loudest voice. Why? Because it was easy.

Inner Voices live inside each of us. There is an inner child with wants and needs, an angry voice that insists it’s opinion be heard, a pessimistic voice that is always gloomy, an optimistic voice that always has a cheerful outlook, a generous voice who loves to help, a perfectionist who wants complete control, a loving voice who enjoys sharing hugs and smiles. The list goes on and on! We all have these voices. The question is how do we deal with them?

This is what I did for “MY COMPANY”, “MY BEING”.

I invited a special guest to join me for one of my “thinking” meetings. During one of the most chaotic of moments, I made a decision, as the CEO, I calmly walked over to the door of the conference room and opened it very wide. The room suddenly became quiet. All the voices stopped. All eyes were on the open door. In walked a very powerful figure. The figure was not physically imposing, but amazingly all the voices became quiet, attentive and curious. This was a powerful force with a different approach. Into the room walked, “PERSONAL PAUSE”. Everything changed.

Now this is how my meetings go.

Imagine a roundtable in which all the various “representatives” of my thoughts are allowed to express themselves. Each is given time to speak. Each is allowed to fully express the perspective they represent. Most importantly, I listen without comment. As I listen, I am amazed at the wisdom and energy expressed by my inner voices. After a minute of “Personal Pause”, all the chaotic pieces of “MY BEING” make compromises and I move forward as a unified whole. I move forward calmly, peacefully and with confidence that I am doing the best I can with the skills and tools I have NOW!

When I choose ignore or dismiss my inner voices, they undoubtably return with vengeance. One way to handle this dilemma is to consciously make time to examine each voice honestly, patiently and mindfully. Often times I ask for guidance from people who I respect because they have succeeded in achieving what I want to accomplish.

A Personal Pause is a helpful tool unify my beliefs, my thoughts and my actions to promote my spiritual well being.

Experience a “Personal Pause” now.