Setting Expectation Traps

Did you set any traps last night?  What about this morning?  Are you setting a trap now?

Expectations are traps. Expectations are subtle ways of setting traps whose sole purpose is to ambush ourselves if life doesn’t go our way.  Letting go of expectations frees us from those self sabotaging traps so we can enjoy all that  ”today” has to offer.

If we consider ourselves “victims” every time it rains during our parade, we miss enjoying the celebration. If we make ourselves  ”victims” when the train stops just as the car we’re driving is approaching the crossing, or when the sale on the TV we want ended yesterday, or when an unwanted house guest stays an extra day, we step right into our self sabotaging trap of failed expectations?  So many events that happen “to us” are beyond our control. Our daily happiness is best served when we make the best of what life offers.

Attitude is everything.

I am not a victim of any circumstance, I am only a victim of my expectations of that circumstance. What may appear as a random event that makes our life more difficult may prove to be an incredible opportunity to grow.

Expectations are self sabotaging traps. Be careful when, where and how many you set. The only one you’ll catch is yourself.

Experience a Personal Pause now.