Are You Taking Hostages?

Good Morning,
Success, goals and achievements are very strong forces that guide our behavior.   What is the cost of that behavior? What is the cost of success? How are the important people in our lives effected by our behavior? Are we holding other people hostage to our own agenda?
It’s far too easy to keep focused on the idea that reaching our goals will determine if we are successful or not. What happens when we reach our goal and we find that the price we paid to get there wasn’t worth the achievement. In reality the important thing in life is how we live our lives as we journey to reach those goals.
Are we walking all over other people in our attempt to be “successful”? Are we sacrificing many of life’s gifts and joys because our ego is leading the way? Are we keeping our eyes open for opportunities to help and share ourselves with other people?
Of course some jobs or responsibilities have to be done, and that sometimes we must sacrifice time with family or friends in order to accomplish these necessary tasks, however, if we don’t find balance and make sure that we’re trying our best to live fully in the present moment, we face the potential for a huge loss, one that cannot be recovered. We face the loss of time. We lose days, weeks, months and even years of our lives when we become hyper-focused on our goals. We miss the potential embodied in each day for fulfilling, meaningful and joyful contact with the people we love and those who love us.
Do you hold other people hostage to your agenda? Is your precious time slipping away? Goals and dreams, YES, but remember, at what cost?
Happy Now…