The Treadmill of Life

Do you feel like your living life as if you were running on  a treadmill, lots of work without going anywhere?

The treadmill is safe.  The speed and elevation are programable and recordable. The view is controllable. You can watch TV, read a magazine, listen to music, look out a window or stare at a blank wall. You control the climate. You can stop at anytime. Water and a bathroom are always available. The phone, the kids and the dog are right there. What are you missing?

Your missing the unknown.  Your missing the sun, the fresh air, the mountain, the sunrise, the flowers and the rain.  You’re missing the quiet, the smell of grass, the surprise of a giant turtle, a family of ducks or a humming bird.  You’re missing the adrenaline rush of a burst of speed to catch a friend running ahead of you. You’re missing adventure.

You’re missing life.

For many people it is easy to keep doing the same things, the same way over and over in order to avoid anything unknown. We sometimes ignore the unfamiliar when it presents itself because it causes tension between what “we are” and what “we might be”. The unfamiliar involves risk.

The man I am right now is not the person I have the potential to be.  The man I will be tomorrow will not be the same person I am today.  I choose not to be someone who avoids spiritual growth because I find safety in the treadmill. I choose more than surviving in the status quo, I choose to flourish by exploring the unfamiliar path.

Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth requires risks, not reckless and dangerous risks, but mindful risks.

Take a chance.  Get off the “treadmill of life” today, and venture outside into the sun, the woods, the mountains, the shore, the rain, the night…..Explore. Risk. Learn. Grow. Flourish.

Robert Frost said “I took the road less traveled, and it has made all the difference.” 

You’re facing many choices in your personal life today, and whether you stick to the same road you always travel, or take a risk on a less travelled road is completely up to you.  Always make that choice knowing, that when you take a risky path, the person that you are right now will cease to be, and you will become someone who has taken an important risk in an effort to become more than you were before. You will have grown.

Experience a mindful pause.