The Core of Physical Fitness

Are you fit, physically fit?

Is a safe and effective fitness program part of YOUR healthy lifestyle? Those people who succeed in the gym, are the one’s who are patient and address the basics first.

Each new client I meet at my gym wants some sort of change, most want fast results. Prospective clients want to lose weight, gain weight, strengthen, tone, recover from injury, increase speed, agility, balance, flexibility, shape their body, fit into a bathing suit, adhere to a doctor’s orders, weddings, bar mitzvahs, health scares………. I’ve heard it all in the past 25 years.

I always remind clients that we must be smart about our plan.  We don’t run before we can walk, and we don’t walk before we can crawl. Crawling allows us to develop motor skills that will help us to walk, and months of practicing walking will allow us to start running effectively . There is a logical progression to fitness.

What is the best way to start a safe and effective fitness program? Train the CORE. Core training comes first. Without a strong core everything else will be fragile.

The “core” is the musculature that surrounds our lower back and abdominal area. Addressing the core does not mean creating a “six pack” for the beach but instead it’s about strengthening the muscles that improve our posture, flexibility and balance. Yes, aesthetics are important, but without attention to function our body’s will simply not move properly. Without proper movement patterns, we will find ourselves in pain.

Do you need help in starting a well rounded, safe and effective physical fitness program? If you are not involved in a fitness program that emphasizes “core training”, get back to the basics. Train the core. Be patient , but remember there is a fine line between patience and procrastination. Beware of that line.

If you are interested in a safe and effective physical fitness program, or you know someone who may benefit from a gentle push into a healthier lifestyle, please contact me by e-mail at

Forward this message to your family and friends. You never know whose life you may change for the healthier.