No Promises Today

The only guarantee  in life is opportunity, not promises.

Life gives us a great deal of opportunity, but are we willing to accept it?  Are we willing to use the abilities that we have to make our lives brighter and happier?  Or do we back away from using them because we might then face the unknown.

We all make choices and take chances.  It’s when we attach strong expectations to the outcomes of those choices that we face disappointment. If this happens repeatedly, we tend to stop taking the chances that may make our lives more fulfilling.

Life isn’t made up of long, extended periods of happiness and bliss.  Life is made up of a series of moments, and it is in those moments that we make choices concerning what we’re going to do with our day.  If we want special moments, then we must make those special moments happen by seizing opportunity.

Create special moments today.  Attitude is everything.

Experience a mindful personal pause.