A Great Gift for Any Day

Looking for a gift to celebrate today with someone?

There’s so much that we can give in life that has nothing to do with money or material goods.  It’s obviously very kind and considerate to give money and material stuff to people who need it, but material and financial needs are not as important as our need for love.

We all need to be loved, and many of the ills in our world result from the actions of people who haven’t received enough love in their lives.  The feeling of being unloved causes so much heartbreak and depression, and can cause people to do things that they probably wouldn’t do if they felt loved.

If I have a loving heart, but I keep it inside for myself it will eventually wither and die. I need to share it. It is only then that it will flourish. How can I share my love with people in need?  Can I give love to complete strangers? Can I give love with pure motives, without selfish agenda, with simply kindness and compassion.

I think I the answer is yes and I try to do it as much as I can.  I try to spread my love with kind words and a smile. I try to share my love by listening when other people are talking, by not interrupting. I try to share my love by performing anonymous acts of kindness.  I try to share my love with a silent and private prayer when I see people in need.  I try to share my love through generosity without expectation of thanks.  I try to share my love through compliments and encouragement. I try to share my love saying thank you as often as possible. I try share my love by doing anything that can be seen as a positive contribution to another person’s life, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to be.

Spreading love is much like teaching, we usually don’t see the results of our efforts.  When the love is true, we don’t need to see the results.  And when we practice sharing our love in these ways, people get to know us as loving people, and they become more receptive to the love the rest of the world has to offer.

When you share good things with the world, the world is a better place and good comes back to you. Be a messenger of love.  Share your love today.