I Love a Cloudy Day

Do you have your head in the clouds?

Spring is trying so hard to return to our lives. How can I tell? It’s the first week of April and for the first time since last fall I found myself sitting outside in shorts and and a light sweat shirt simply enjoying the cool air, bright sunshine and a gentle breeze. It felt so good to lean back at look into the beautiful sky.

I love lying on my back on a beautiful day, gazing into the sky and getting lost in the clouds. Whether the clouds are white and puffy, tinted with the colors of dawn or dusk or dark with warning of an approaching storm, clouds often take on special shapes and stimulate our imaginations.

When people use the phrase “ having your head in the clouds,” they usually refer to a mental state that appears to be drifting rather than concentrating. Some call it day dreaming. I call it meditation.

How can you use the clouds to meditate?

Try to find a place out doors to relax and look upward. Take a deep breathe and a long slow exhale as I direct my eyes and thoughts towards the emormous expanse of sky where clouds float high above the frenzy of everyday life. I unleash my imagination. You may choose to merely drift along with a specific cloud or wander among the many choices. I look for shapes and stories. Sometimes I’m active and creative other times I’m passive and inviting.

As you allow yourself time to interact with the clouds you’ll find a very peaceful place, a place of calmness, tranquility and serenity. Stay in that place. Let it linger for a minute or longer. When it’s time to resume to your day’s activity, be reminded that you can always return when you need what the clouds have to offer. They are always there for you.

For me, when I take time to relax with my “head in the clouds” I am reminded of the amazing gifts that surround me everyday and that sometimes it takes a little effort  to see them.

Maybe today is a good day to take your PAUSE outside and look to the sky. Get your head into the clouds and breathe.