Breaking News

Breaking News:

1. Man is sentenced to spiritual prison for “killing ime”. He claims self defense.

2. Woman arrives home and discovers she is a victim of a “time thief”. She has lost the best years of her life.

3. “Time Crimes” are running rampant in our community. NOW is suffering.


Time is precious. Time is our most precious commodity. We all share time. We can give our time to others, we can accept time from other people. How you protect and invest your valuable time is a choice you make every day.

Have you ever heard someone say or even described themselves you as, “I’m just killing time.” Ouch! I’m sure you’ve heard that patience is a virtue, but I believe there’s a fine line between patience and procrastination. Procrastination is a very sneaky time thief. Time is such a wonderful gift. Procrastination and “killing time” are truly acts of spiritual violence, and as such are an invitation to “dis-ease”.

There are many people who purposefully put off making decisions or taking action. They may over sleep, squander or idle away the day until they’re forced into making a decision. Sometimes purposefully delay taking action with respect to a special event, such as work demands, playtime, mealtime, the weekend plans or bedtime. They move through the day or days without purpose. They invite pessimism and hopelessness into their thinking.

When we act “violently” towards time, it’s easy to become judgmental and we loses our sense of gratitude. Procrastination, or the killing time seems to be our safest survival technique. Acting violently or apathetically  towards time is wasteful of a precious gift. The gift of NOW.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t live in the past. We can’t change it or experience it again. No matter how hard we try, we can’t live in the future. We can’t guarantee it or “pre-experience” it. Now is all we have. Now is the only place we can live. Now is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.

Enjoying NOW does not mean you are physically active, mentally focused or spiritually vibrant every minute. Nor does it mean your productive, efficient or socially active all your waking hours. Enjoying NOW is an attitude. It is being accepting of yourself and others without judgement. It is sharing kindness, friendship, forgiveness and love. There is serenity when we choose to live in the NOW.

Life happens only in the NOW. Live your life fully. Protect your Time. Invest your Time wisely. Make peace with time. Make time your friend.