Choices, Choices, and More Choices.

The more alternatives we face, the more difficult the choices we have to make. Too many choices is stressful.

If you go into any sneaker store you’ll find an incredible selection of products. Not only are there dozens of companies producing sneakers, but each company is producing many different types that serve all sorts of functions such as running, walking, sport specific and cross training. Within each category of shoe there is another dozen choices in color and fashion. What does this say about sensory overload.  The sneaker store exemplifies one of the major drawbacks to our consumer-oriented economy. We’ve created so many different choices of similar products that a “simplicity” is lost. We’ve complicated  simplicity.

We’re bombarded daily with hundreds of TV stations, thousands of advertisements and an unlimited number of websites all  vying for our attention.


I’m not saying there should be only one choice for each product available, however there have been lots of studies that suggest that trying to choose between several different but similar options significantly raises our stress levels and turns an event like shopping into something complicated and stressful.

If we can develop an effective “personal decision making plan” before we wander into the “consumer jungle”, we can make our choices much more simple and thus lower our stress levels. More often than not, we will find just what fits our needs  long before our minds get cluttered with endless choices.

We have to deal with lots of choices every day, however if we fail to implement a wise personal decision making plan we may find ourselves caught in another spiritual battle that raises our level of stress and turns a positive experience into negative one.

In our continuing effort to reduce the level off stress in our life and clear mind clutter, every tool we can develop to “keep It simple” is a good practice.  Practice makes progress. Progress is good.