Happy Anniversary Personal Pause

Be a Peaceful Warrior.

Be a Peaceful Warrior.

Good Morning to all my Personal Pause Friends,

This week marks the beginning of the seventh year of the “personalpause.com” posts, thoughts, quotes, comments, shares and e-mails. It’s has been quite a journey.

It has been very exciting to share a personal transformations over the course of these past five years. I believe that today, each of us has a better understanding that wellness and health goes far beyond our physical bodies, it also has an essential spiritual component.

Yes we want a strong, flexible, toned, attractive body with lots of energy, but we have come to realize that when the space between our ears is filled with bitterness, hostility, judgement and worry that we suffer from “dis-ease”.

Each day over the past five years we have faced “dis-ease” honestly and each day we have explored new ways to accept the flow of life as it is presented to us. Some days have been more joyful and peaceful than others, but there is always comfort in knowing that when we pause, take a deep breathe and exhale, that we can experience a moment if calm serenity, a moment we have come to call “HappyNow…”.

We all have on occasion run from “NOW”. There are times when we’re in a situation that frightens us, that makes us angry or anxious and we run away and hide, pretending the situation either doesn’t exist or it would just go away. Sometimes it does “just go away” but if it doesn’t, we have learned to accept it as “life on life’s terms”.

When we accept life on life’s terms, we are not being passive, on the contrary, we are taking a positive action, we are making ourselves ready to move forward with a healthy awareness of reality. When you live in the present moment, time stands still. You accept your circumstances and you live them. If there is an experience ahead of you allow yourself to have it!

More often than not, our fears of the future are the worst things that never really happens to us. Waste less energy worrying about the future. Maybe today is a good day to give yourself a day off from worrying about tomorrow.

May all beings be healthy, find freedom, experience peace and move through each day with spiritual ease, one day at a time. May all beings be HappyNow…


“It only takes a minute .”