My Daily Intention…

Good Morning,

How do you begin each morning?  Do you have a daily intention? This is my daily intention.

I intend  to to accept the flow of life, to be grateful for all that is presented to me today, to offer my best effort with the skills and tools I have now and to be at peace with the results.

I intend to share my hugs, handshakes and smiles today. I intend to avoid complaining, criticizing and gossiping  today. I intend to fill this day with honesty, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity, and love. I intend to accept my mistakes and my problems as learning experience to be a better person.

I intend to include regular mindful silent pauses so I am better able to address the inevitable times of conflict, anxiety or “dis-ease” that will find their way into my day and then make the right choices to do the next right thing.

If I pay attention to my daily intention will I find peace and serenity.

What is your intention for today? Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

Experience a mindful pause.