It’s A Great Day To Paint

Are you an artist? Can you paint or draw? I love “painting” my day.

I like to think of my mornings as a blank canvass. As I begin to draw and paint my day, I get to choose what colors and perspective to use. Sunshine, clouds, orange, gray, bright, gloomy, abstract or detailed, it’s all up to me. I’m a learning artist. It’s my canvass and I can be as creative as my imagination and talents will allow. I try to remember that my painting is organic, it’s alive and needs my attention.

Good thoughts are like bright colors in my painting. Negative thoughts are like dark, dreary and drab colors in my painting. Each day we paint pictures of our own lives with our thoughts.

If we step back and look at the painted canvas, we will see whether the picture is alive with bright colors or dreary and lifeless like a dark cloud. We can keep adding color to the canvass or we can pause and simply interpret how it looks now.

Our thoughts have the power to create joy or sadness in our life.  The choice of how we interpret and live life is ours because we are presented a blank canvass each day. How will you paint your new canvass this morning?