Beautiful Failures

“Failure is a reality. We all fail at times and it’s painful when we do, but it’s better to fail while striving for something wonderful, challenging, adventurous and uncertain than to say, I don’t want to try because I may not succeed.”—-Jimmy Carter

Failure is a beautiful gift. Attitude is everything.

“Failure” seems to be such a frightening concept, however it’s though failure that our greatest learning takes place. When we do something that we already know how to do, something at which we’ve already succeeded, something we are already good at,  there is no learning. We are simply repeating past actions to achieve the same or similar results.

Failure is such an important part of the learning process. Failure shows us how something  can’t be done.  Each one of our failures is an important step towards success. The more we fail along our life’s journey the more rewarding our successes becomes. When we learn from a failure, it’s because we recognize that we missed something or there was something we didn’t do.

Examples of “Beautiful Failures;

“My last relationship didn’t work out because I never understood her need for more space. I now respect my new girlfriend’s need for independance.”

“That recipe didn’t taste right because I didn’t see the need to use salt. I added salt this time, now it taste great.”

“That job didn’t work out because I was impulsive. I didn’t trust the instinct that told me be patient and not accept the first job offer simply because I was afraid there would be anything better. Even though it took a while to find, but my new job is great;.”

Our greatest successes are often the result of failures and the learning that comes from making adjustments.  The beauty of failure can’t be seen unless we acknowledge that it’s possible for failure to be important. Failure is a gift.

Experience the beauty of failure today.  Attitude is everything.