Serenity Checklist

Do you have a “Serenity Checklist”?  Consider these suggestion as you begin your day:
  • Am I doing too much at one time?
  • Do I have an unfulfilled expectation of this situation?
  • Am I afraid of something?
  • Am I trying to be perfect?
  • Am I taking care of my body to the best of my ability?
  • Is there something I need to accept and then let go?
  • Am I keeping it simple?
  • Am I able  to ask for help when I can’t do something?
  • Am I minding my own business?
  • Am I worrying about what people think of me?
  • Is the mirror or scale how I measure my self worth?
  • Am I trying to control someone or something?
  • Do I have a sense of a “Power Greater Then Myself”?
  • Am I kind, forgiving, generous, compassionate and loving to others AND myself?
  • Do I find to time each day to pause?
  • Am I living in the present?