Ten Ways To Make It A Great a Day…..

Consider these question as you begin your journey today.

1. How can I exercise good character today?

2. What problem am I grateful to face today because it will encourage me to make a positive change in my life?

3. If I have the choice, would I rather be right or happy today?

4. How will I fuel my body, my mind and my spirit so they remain healthy today?

5. If happiness is a choice that requires effort, am I willing to give my best effort today?

6. Am I willing to share a hug, a couple of  handshakes and lots of smiles today?

7. Do I owe someone an over due apology and can I make it today?

8. Is there a project I’ve been putting off that I can start today?

9. Is there someone in my life for whom a simple 5 minute phone call would make them feel happy and can I make that call today?

10. When my day begins to get hectic or my mind begins to race with “Stinking Thinking”, will I remember to take one mindful minute and simply PAUSE.

Make today a day you’ll be proud of tomorrow!

Happy now…