The Now Newspaper

Welcome to “The Now News”,

Now’s Weather report…..Today the sun will rise again. There’s  a good chance of clouds and a little rain. But a powerful wind can blow the clouds away. Use your breathe to blow the clouds away. Enjoy a beautiful day.

Now’s Business report….The value of time is at an all time high.  Those who wasted time in the past with a hedonistic lifestyle are now recognizing a healthy dose of mindfulness as a valuable asset to keep in their portfolio. The people who invest their time wisely in their physical, mental and Spiritual health are enjoying the miracle of a healthy life.

Now’s Local News…..Anonymous acts of kindness were reported in several areas in our community this week. The search for the suspects has been without success. The search was called off. The community celebration is TODAY!

Now’s National News….The Senate and the House of Representatives overwhelming approved the “Golden Rule” as an amendment to the Constitution. It goes into effect immediately.

Now’s International News……In an emergency session, the United Nations convened this morning to call off the war against the Planet Earth. It was decided that a joint effort was needed to end our violent attack on our own home. Instead it was agreed to treat our shared home with respect and care. Next on the agenda, International cooperation in anger management.

Now’s Sports….None of the local teams were in action, and since there were no games to watch the habitual “viewers” got off the couch and played the games themselves. Everyone had fun.

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