Humility is hard.

To be humble means to give up trying to force our will on other people. Humility is being quiet, being at rest, being at peace and being content while others travel along their journey.

Humility a virtue I truly admire. Humility is something I try to practice, but it isn’t so easy. There is this thing called “ego” that gets in the way. My ego wants to be recognized, appreciated and admired. My “ego self” doesn’t like to see me practice and strengthen my “humble self”.

From experience, I know that humility is one of the traits that opens closed doors into other people’s hearts. When I’m humble, people tend to trust me, they are more willing to confide in me and allow me to help them. It is an honor I accept graciously. When I humbly listen to other people and resist interjecting a story about me, they appreciate my attention and they tend to feel safer when speaking openly and honestly.

Humility is an act of kindness that allows others to take credit. Humility is virtue I need to practice every day. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.