Good Pain

Is there such a thing as “Good Pain”?  Is there such a thing as good physical pain and good spiritual pain?

It’s an animal instinct to avoid pain, however human beings often make  choices that reach beyond instinct, choices that promote growth. How we respond when we are confronted with purposeful pain is a good predictor of how we will respond when being uncomfortable is not a choice.

How do we gain physical strength? How do we condition our bodies to move freely, with speed, agility and coordination?  We don’t need to be on an athletic team or run a 10k race to recognize that physical strength an asset.  We can challenge our bodies by inviting various forms of resistance, things that are uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Physical challenge comes in many forms such as weight training, running, hiking, biking, stretching, balancing and yoga.  It’s when we work through the physical difficulties of training our bodies that we develop functional strength, speed and stamina. Be physically fit.

How do we gain spiritual strength? We challenge our spirits with various forms of resistance, things that are uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.  Spiritual challenges come in the form of things like acceptance, letting go, tolerance, forgiveness, humility and honesty. It is when we work through spiritual difficulties that we develop resiliency, healthy coping skills and a zest for life. Our attitude towards life is contingent on our spiritual conditioning. Be spiritually fit.

If I search for a life of ease rather than a life of challenge, I’ll never grow to be a stronger person.  A life of ease invites boredom, listlessness and a lack of purpose, while a life of challenge invites excitement, passion and hope.

Pain is the touchstone of physical and spiritual growth.

Push the PAUSE button now.